Things to Know About A Good Steak

Of course, our chefs take the selection and preparation of our steaks very seriously. We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of the steaks we are able to offer our diners. The care we put into the selection of our beef is the first step in being able to offer you some of the best steaks in the world. Beef is a multi-billion dollar industry and people in the industry are constantly looking for the next big thing in flavour and tenderness. These are the two main criteria to judge in discerning the quality level of any cut of beef. It’s also useful to remember that all steaks come from the same relative area of the steer. So while there may be a lot of difference in flavour and tenderness between the varieties of beef (the breed of the steer), there may not that much of a difference between the cuts of a particular breed or variety.

Chef Cutting Beef

Steak Tenderness

The amount of tenderness a particular cut of beef has is directly related to how much work the muscle did during the animal’s life. The less of a workout the muscle received the more tender it will be.

Steak Flavour

The amount of flavour a particular cut of beef has is related to the amount of marbling it has. A greater amount of marbling means a higher fat content and a higher fat content means a more flavourful steak.

Steak Cuts

We’ll explain the differences in the various cuts and varieties of beef in order to provide you with the knowledge to make the most of your SteakHouse Co. experience.

Choosing the Best Steak

By using your understanding of the cuts combined with knowing the characteristics of the different varieties, you should be able to decide on which cut and variety provides you with your favourite steak.